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Gun Range Rules

Please read and abide by the following range rules: 

  1. Members must have their access cards on their person while on the club property.  Officers will be doing random card checks.  

  2. Under no circumstances are members allowed to use their access card to let guests enter the facilities without a member accompanying them. 

  3. No drinking of alcoholic beverages before or during shooting activities on club property.

  4. Youth 17 and under must be accompanied by an adult member at all times.

  5. Do not fire if someone is down range on any of the ranges.  Use good range safety and make sure the other members on the entire firing line know you intend to go down range.

  6. Use of eye and ear protection is required. 

  7. Make sure your shooting position is in line with the target and backstop.

  8. Shoot only paper targets property placed in the center of the backstop boards.  Do not shoot at glass, clay pigeons or any other breakable item or explosive targets.  Metal resetting targets can be used but must be placed within 5ft of the backstop berm and not set in front of post or backboards.

  9. No Center Fire rifles are permitted on the 50 yard range.  Please use the 100 & 200 yard ranges for all centerfire rifles.

  10. Each shooter is required to properly dispose of their used targets and spent castings.  Please keep the ranges, grounds and clubhouses clean and free of litter.

  11. No vehicles allowed on the ranges or other grassy areas.

  12. Members are encouraged to introduce guests to the club.   All guests are required to pay a $10.00 guest fee and complete the Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement.  Please place the completed Waiver and $10 guest fee immediately upon arrival in the slot provided to the right of the Club House entrance door on the deck.  A card holding member must remain at the club while their guests or family are on the club property.

  13. No one is allowed on the club property between the hours of 11:00pm to 6:00am without previous (24 hours in advance) arranged consent of a board member, unless they are accessing the Mauer-Olson Indoor Archery building. Outdoor Shooting hours: 7:30am until 30 minutes after sunset.  The Executive Board must approve shooting hours outside of the above times.
    Attention Members!  Our bordering neighbors who deer hunt have asked the club to restrict shooting hours during the November Firearms and December Muzzleloader Deer Seasons.  Shooting hours will be posted on the gate, ranges, and website.  You will receive a warning if caught shooting outside of restricted hours.

  14. No hunting on club property at any time. 

If you witness any violation of the Rules and Regulations please report it to an officer immediately.  The Executive Board asks that you provide the name, the incident, time and date of the violation.  The Board will review the incident and take proper action as needed. 

There is a $2,000 Reward for the arrest and conviction for vandalism or theft on the club premises!  The club is under 24 hour video surveillance.  Abiding by these rules will make our club safer and more enjoyable for all of us.

1675 Northwest 50th Street, Medford, MN, United States

GPS coordinates: N44 degrees 08.544' W093 degrees 14.123'
Mailing Address:  PO Box 166, Medford, MN  55049