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The "20" Rifle & Pistol Club was founded by twenty members of the local community in 1966. 

Later in 1988, the Straight River Archery Club was formed by a local group of archery enthusiasts who approached The "20" Rifle & Pistol Club about becoming a division of the Club.  Our members are our strongest trait.  Our members understand the importance of sharing knowledge, showing patience and having strong determination.  These simple attributes largely define a person's character, and ultimately a society.  Our members are proof of how important the outdoors are in building these fundamental attributes.  We value what these simple attributes have provided and will continue to provide.  

Since its inception, the club has believed in a strong tradition of member involvement within the community through educational programs, public events and firearms training.  We pride ourselves as stewards of responsible firearms ownership, hunter ethics and the importance of involving our youth in meaningful outdoor activities.  

The "20" Rifle & Pistol Club and The Straight River Archery Club's mission as a non-profit organization (501c3) is to promote safety awareness through the challenge and enjoyment of shooting sports.  We provide a safe place to advance one's experience and skill in properly handling firearms and archery equipment.  Marksmanship is an effort of discipline.  Marksmanship doesn't rely on one's physical attributes, but instead relies on preparation, focus and patience.  These are basic principles of success that can be easily passed on to young minds through shooting sports, regardless of an individual's challenges in life. 

Our club supports law enforcement and public safety.  We have a working relationship with local law enforcement agencies and provide resources to help keep our peace officers and communities safe. 

The "20" Rifle & Pistol Club and Straight River Archery Club are strong advocates of educating young people.  The outdoors raises curiosities in children and is an unbiased way to stimulate a young person's thought process. We feel that shooting sports are a powerful tool in advancement of America's youth.  It's a way to spark interests that are truly relevant in life.  We provide an opportunity that many children in modern society often don't have, which is to use the outdoors to gain an understanding and confidence in one's self.  It comes as no surprise that the more a person understands the outdoors, seemingly the more values they adhere to.  We believe our club acts as a necessary guide for our young people to live in a dignified manner. 

We also recognize the importance of protecting our future in America.  We address this philosophy by encouraging preparedness through classroom and outdoor training.  We host public events, offer certified classroom education and hands-on training while providing a safe, low-cost facility to improve a person's knowledge and skill.

1675 Northwest 50th Street, Medford, MN, United States

GPS coordinates: N44 degrees 08.544' W093 degrees 14.123'
Mailing Address:  PO Box 166, Medford, MN  55049