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The "20" Rifle & Pistol Club and Straight River Archery Club

The "20" Rifle and Pistol club and Straight River Archery Club offer several events throughout the year for our members to participate in and invite friends to.

For archery enthusiasts, we offer both indoor and outdoor 3D shoots several times per year. All of our events consist of up to 30 targets including pop up targets  and other challenging shots.  We offer leagues during the winter months for both compound and traditional shooters.


20 Rifle and Pistol Club/Straight River Archers

Special Events Policy

Purpose and Necessity

Our club has reached the 700 member mark.  This puts a great demand on all of the ranges and the club grounds.  Our members want and pay for ample access to the club grounds and all of the various ranges.  While special events generally benefit our members, the club and the community; these events must be balanced with the desires of the membership to have as many shooting opportunities as possible.  

This policy replaces and supersedes any previous policy, document, letter or other memoranda addressing special events.  



Special events fall into two categories:  Club Events and Outside Events.  

Club Events:  Special events that require the closure of one or more of the club’s ranges or buildings, and are planned, organized and staffed by club members.  Club events are planned, scheduled and approved by the Board of Directors. Examples of club events would be:  3-D or target archery shoots, firearm competitions, training conducted by the club, etc.  

Outside Events:   Special events that require the closure of one or more ranges or buildings that are not planned or organized by the Board of Directors.  These events can be organized by outside individuals or groups, or by club members.   Examples of outside events would be:  Concealed carry training, corporate events, law enforcement training, and specialized shooting gatherings.  A portion of these event’s proceeds would typically be retained by the organizer or organizing group.  



Club Events:  All proceeds from these events go to the club’s general fund.  Members of the public (non-club members) that attend these events must sign a waiver of liability and pay the applicable fee to participate.  Any closure of a particular range or ranges shall be scheduled with the Range Officer.   All equipment and facilities of the club may be used for these events with the approval of the Board of Directors.  

Outside Events:  Must be approved and scheduled in cooperation with the Board of Directors.  Events that will close any particular range must be scheduled with the Range Officer.  A 30 day notice is generally needed to close a particular range.  Exceptions may be made with approval from the Board of Directors.  Any outside event that will close the entire facility must be presented to and approved by the Board of Directors at the January meeting for events (to be) held in that calendar year.  The Board will consider these requests and will make a decision, either at the January meeting, or shortly thereafter.  Proceeds from outside events will be negotiated with the board and considered on a case-by case basis.  The club’s portion of the fees collected shall be retained by the club’s general fund.  All non-club members participating will sign a waiver of liability.

Considerations for outside events

Safety and indemnity:  Outside event organizers are responsible for the safety and safe actions of the participants and everyone on the grounds. Supervision of shooting and other related activities is also the responsibility of the organizer.  If additional insurance is required, it shall be at the expense of the organizer or organizing group and insurance certificate shall be provided to the club.

The organizer shall keep an accurate roster of participants attending the event with record of fees paid.  This information, along with agreed to fees collected, shall be provided to the club Treasurer promptly at the conclusion of the event.  ** (see note below)

Special equipment and facilities:  Any equipment other than the normal ranges and backstops shall be provided by the event organizer.  Examples are: Portable restrooms, auxiliary lighting/generator and special targets or backstops.

Any club owned equipment or machinery used in an outside event is at the discretion of the board.  This would include:   Mowers, ATV’s, trailers, etc.  

Connection to any of the Club’s facilities (Electrical, Water, Sewer and Internet) will be at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

**  Exceptions to the requirement concerning participant rosters shall be made for situations where security and privacy are a concern.  Examples are:  Law Enforcement/Corrections officers and participants that are minors.  In these cases, a roster shall be kept by the organizer and participant numbers only shall be submitted to the Club.  


Special Considerations

Events that are related to youth education and immersion in the shooting sports (Firearm Safety, Boy/Girl Scouts, 4 H, Local Schools, etc.) will typically not be subject to a non-member shooting fee.   A responsible person shall still be required to sign waiver of liability.   Furthermore, charitable events that benefit the club, it’s membership and the local community may be exempt from shooting fees and will be considered by the Board on a case-by-case basis.  

The primary goal for all special events should be to minimize interruptions in normal shooting opportunities for our members. 

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